Asking questions to nature and listen to it carefully; simply put, that´s what we do. We´ve been doing this for over 40 years. So it´s fair to say no one knows nature like we do.

A laboratory focused on the needs of the modern man and woman which traditional healthcare can’t fulfil.

Nowadays everyone likes to call themselves a “lab”. So when most people think of a laboratory, they think it´s just a word that makes a supplement, beauty cream or a new cold-pressed juice sound a bit more fancy.

We think it´s a place where the brightest brains have the scientific knowledge and the creative freedom to create anything that helps the man and woman of today to enjoy a healthier, happier and longer life: free of chemicals and free of nonsense. We are constantly researching and developing ethical, innovative and creative solutions that make that happen. Then we think of ethical, innovative and creative ways to democratize them. It might be through creating an all natural supplement which breaks the frontier between food and pills, designing a cool shoe that connects you back to earth, producing a highly nutritious craft beer so men don´t forget to take their vitamins or something we can´t even imagine yet. We´re based in Europe’s West Coast, Lisbon. We have four decades of experience, matched with a contemporary thinking and an independent spirit. We´re moved by the passionate believe that the modern man and woman have needs that traditional healthcare can’t fulfill. Everything we do is of superlative quality. And to us quality goes far beyond having the best formulas and natural ingredients. For us quality means being ethical, progressive, provocative, beautiful and accessible.


Biocol Labs is a laboratory that has always been ahead of its time. It was founded in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the conviction that mineral-and plant-based science will make the chemical pharma industry redundant. Not the other way round. The two founders, husband and wife Gualdim and Natalia Redol, were a self-taught scientist and a self-made business woman. They focused on the needs of a new class of men and women that emerged in Europe. This class was modern in every way: seeking a balanced, rejuvenating, natural and efficient lifestyle. They researched, developed and perfected a trace-element range of supplements aiming to activate the vital functions of the organism and to preserve the integrity of the cells, endangered by the disadvantages of modernization: pollution, stress, electronic radiations, UV rays and genetic modified foods and crops. The complete range consisted of 25 trace-elements. Their extraordinary and effective results provoked the interested of the medical class, which started using the range complementary to conventional medicine and is still doing so until today.

But their fight against chemicals was only about to start, as the consumption and usage of chemicals became overused in every single way and form such as juices, creams, clothing, kid´s cereals, you name it. So they went back to the lab room to create even more powerful, efficient and easy-to-use formulas, mixing minerals with high quality superfoods. This combination opened up a world of endless possibilities of supreme healthy solutions. From clean, therapeutical supplements to all organic cosmetics. They also campaigned against dairy lobbies and instigated cultural tensions to abolish unhealthy, traditional portuguese dishes like the bitoque from menus. They published several books and papers on orthomolecular nutrition and their theories and studies are still taught in universities in Brazil nowadays. Today Biocol Labs is still independent, family owned and operated, selling its products in 20 countries, doing its own research, development and production in order to make the world free of chemicals and silliness; with the power of minerals and vegetables always at its heart.

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